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The warranty card can be in written or electronic form and contains all the information from the warranty. The guarantee refers exclusively to the correctness of the products, but not to their functionality or compatibility with other products, because it is assumed that the consumer is familiar with the technical characteristics of our products, so the guarantee refers to the fact that the selected products will meet the consumer's requirements within the declared technical capabilities prescribed by the manufacturer. We remind you that any improper and unprofessional handling, improper maintenance, use of inappropriate consumables and interventions by unauthorized persons or service providers mean the loss of the warranty.

Also, the consumer is recommended to save the original packaging of the purchased product and to use it in every type of transport and in case of any complaint.

The legal guarantee for all products in our offer is 2 (two) years, unless otherwise indicated. If the product warranty is longer than 2 (two) years, this is specifically indicated.

For any additional information about guarantees, you can contact us.

We offer our customers repair, maintenance (regular service), replacement of parts and components, testing and diagnostics services. All the services we provide are realized in a very short period of time. We guarantee all products with service and spare parts for a period of 5 (five) years.